Screen Titan Mini

The Screen King/Titan Mini is designed to be used with a skidsteer loader or a mini-excavator.

The Screen Titan Mini is a portable topsoil screener designed to deliver 3 separate grades of topsoil, gravel, sand or whatever you require from each and every screen cycle, the Screen King/Titan Mini can easily handle up to ¾ cubic yards  of material per charge. Its 4′ X 9′ combined loading pan/screen bed provide 9′ of travel, guaranteeing that each load is completely screened in a typical 20 second cycle.

Screen Titan Mini is a gavel and topsoil screen that screen the 1st time, every time.

Screen Titan Mini is an affordable small and portable topsoil screener that is rugged and the best in its’ class.

The Screen King/Titan Mini is, without question, one rugged, reliable workhorse of a medium-output aggregate screen plant. The construction is deceivingly simple but truly effective. There are few moving parts which contributes to the simplicity but also drastically reduces the chances of downtime since the moving parts which are present are the best we can source globally.
The main areas of movement are the four suspension points at the corners at the corners where the screen deck attaches to the base. This is where you’ll find the 4 Swiss made Rosta oscillating mounts which, as nearly as we can determine, are the best of their kind available in the world and are greatly over-specified for the expected workload of the Screen King/Titan Mini. Under normal conditions these mounts will give years of trouble-free performance.

The 3 separate grade zones and separately defined load area ensure that finished product remains cleanly piled until you remove it. There is never any need to drive over the finished product to get to the  Screen King Mini. Couple this with the 5 cubic yard main recovery area and you have a screener that will stay in operation longer in a one machine operation, or allow  two machines to operate the screener without traffic issues, one working the load-zone and one working the recovery area.

A ScreenKing Mini soil screener being fed by a skidsteer loader

A ScreenKing Mini soil screener being fed by a skidsteer loader

The Screen Mini drive system is completely mechanical. There are no hydraulic pumps, hoses or fluids to maintain or change. Except for following scheduled engine maintenance, the only regular consumable part on the screener is the drive belt

The Screen King/Titan Mini shaker head with its patented screen-box suspension system is powered by a Honda GX 390, 13 HP gas. This engine is a super-quiet workhorse that provides long hours of trouble free operation.

The Screen King/Titan Mini is highly mobile and can be quickly moved from site to site using a ½-ton vehicle. The unit has integral lift points that make it a snap to lock on the custom single wheel system by using the hydraulics you’ve already invested in - your backhoe, loader, etc.

The Screen King/Titan Mini comes complete with the single wheel towing package, 3/8″ steel dividing plates to separate material in 3 different recovery areas, installed hour meter and 2 screens to your specs.

A Screen Titan Mini at work in a concrete batch plant on the Island of Samoa in the South Pacific.

Hi Randy!

Just want to thank you for your service you provided and let you know that this screen plant is working perfectly. It’s a great help on my Ready mix concrete and block making plant. Attached 2 photos of operating plant.

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